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At the January 2010 NAMM show !

January 15, 2010
Well, it’s another year in Anaheim when musical manufacturers from all over the world merge and converge at the convention center across the street from Disneyland to show their best musical instruments to gear hungry musicians … Guitars, basses, drums, cellos, bassoons, etc., etc… it’s a veritable smorgasborg of musical instruments…
Oh yeah, in case you wanna look it up, it’s called the NAMM convention.  It stands for National Association of Musical Manufacturers.  We have been here year-after-year representing the guitars we designed for Martin Guitars.  By the time the summer NAMM show rolls around in July, we will be displaying our very own new brand of guitars and ukes called Oriolo Guitars!  We’ll have both acoustic and electric guitars and they’ll be in various sizes and shapes and …oh yeah, most of them will have that most wonderful cat on them…
Who’s that??? Why Felix the Cat of course!
HAHAHA!  Righty-O!