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Mr. Tayk Kim

March 18, 2010

I first met Mr. Tayk Kim about 35 years ago.  We were both only 3 years old at the time..ha ha!NOT! He was working for Mr. Song, a famous animator in Korea at the time, and he had just single handedly animated a little one minute short of Felix the Cat going into a haunted house.  He came to  NYC just to show it to my father and I as well as the rest of his demo reel containing much of his work…I remember he didn’t speak English at the time so our communication was strictly through drawing out various situations.  Pretty funny… my father, Mr. Kim, and I drawing as fast as you might be talking in a conversation.  I WISH I had those drawings today!!!!  Oh well…maybe we should try that again later today (although now Tayk speaks perfect English..with a Brooklyn accent no less)…. because, you see, Mr. Kim is in my studio working with our animators, giving his words of wisdom and experience.  Mr. Kim and I have done tons of things together through the years.  One of my favorite projects is the Squishees, a full length animated film we did together several years ago.  Mr. Kim is doing a whole line of merchandising in Korea based on characters from the show.  I saw the t-shirts at the licensing show and they were great!  They use a new, patented 3D effect that’s amazing.  Mr. Kim has worked on some outstanding films through the year, not the least of which are: Heavy Metal,  Muppet Babies, Flinstone Kids, Aeon Flux, Lord of the Rings, Opus and Bill, Ferngully, Chip and Dale, Monsters, Gobots, Peter Pan, American Pop, War Wizard, etc. etc. etc. etc. Check out his website at Luk films….you’ll like what you see.  Now it’s time for lunch.  I’m gonna cook up a batch of Kimchi for everyone in the studio….ha ha ha….Righty-O!!!!


Visit to TFC in Tokyo

March 15, 2010

When we were in Tokyo recently, we visited our licensing agent TFC to press the flesh and talk about “everything Felix”.  I painted a Felix painting for the Banjiro-san, the chairman of the company, and wanted to surprise him with it…which I truly did!   As you can see, the meeting was really serious!  LOL! Really, we had a great time and everyone was extremely pumped over the future of Felix in Japan.  They’ve been doing a wonderful job getting tons of new licensees in Japan.  Banjiro-san suggested at the meeting that we do a “History of Felix the Cat” documentary.  TFC, incidently, owns the History Channel in Japan.  Well, we agreed and the documentary, which was recently completed, takes us from the creation of Felix to the present day and to our future plans.  It aired on the Japanese History Channel to rave reviews.  Of course, it contains interviews with Otto Messmer, Joe Oriolo, and myself, and also has all kinds of cool info about the most wonderful, wonderful cat.  So here’s a picture of all of us as I presented the painting to the chairman, Banjiro-san.  He was so excited with it (great art collector that he is – ha, ha) that he had it hung in the lobby of the building immediately.  That’s this picture here.  So if you’re in Tokyo, visit the TFC offices and you’ll see the painting of our smiling pal greeting you as you enter.  Go through the revolving doors (I don’t actually remember if it was a revolving door…but that would be cool) and say…. “Hi. I’m a Felix fan.  Don sent me!”  LOL! Oh yeah, I painted another painting for him after that, and that one’s hanging in his office. Righty-O!

Don O