Felix and the Summer NAMM show

Well, it’s getting closer and closer….what, you say??  The launching of Oriolo Guitars.  We have been developing a line of ukes, electric, and acoustic guitars for the last year or so.  It’s all pretty exciting I have to say.  It’s combining my two favorite things (aside from my kids, and my dog, and my horses and…well, you get it!) ….Felix the Cat and guitars.  I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it….

I didn’t just say that did I????

Yup… a lot of the designs will be adorned with all brand new wacky Felix art… as well as having some very unique body shapes and colors…and on and on.  Here’s a picture of the new three-quarter size Felix electric guitar and you can click on the photos for videos of Warren and I playing it.It plays as good as it looks.  We’re actually displaying all of the guitars and ukes at the Summer NAMM show this June in Nashville, Tennessee.  By all means, if you’re down there around the 18th of June come in and visit our booth.  I know that both Felix fans and guitar players of all ages are going to want to have one of these guitars to play…and/or just look at.  That’s what I do with them!  In fact, I’m running out of wall space between guitars and paintings hanging all over here in the studio and at home….But then again,  I can’t think of any better use for wall space…can you?  Haha! I mean,  it is only a wall!  You can visit our website at www.oriologuitars.com or join us on Facebook at Oriolo Guitars.  I’ll keep you posted as things progress…


Don O


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4 Responses to “Felix and the Summer NAMM show”

  1. Ann Munday Says:

    Hello Don, you are doing great! You own line of guitars – what next?

  2. Amy Buckles Says:

    I was wanting to say that I came to your booth at NAMM in Nashville and was very impressed! My husband (Eric) and I,were visiting you from Mapes Piano Strings. I was just wanting to let you know that I was so taken by the guitars , and all the string talk that was good too , but you were the nicest person that I think I have ever spoken with.
    Thanks for talking to us for such a period of time. I know your pressed for time at these shows and thanks as well, for making my son feel like he belonged there ! You had no reason to talk to him but yet again took your time to do that! You will have no problem in selling those beautiful pieces of art because you have a personality of GOLD!
    Thanks again and Good Luck!
    Amy Buckles

  3. Brigitte Laskowski (A.K.A. Singerskates) Says:

    Tried to look up more about the electric guitar i tried at the 2010 Nashvile Summer NAMM Show on your website but your product pages didn’t come up. Hopefully, your website will be updated soon.

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