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Felix goes to Washington

May 3, 2010
Ok….So Felix was the first image to be broadcast on TV…Lindburgh carried a little Felix doll as a lucky charm on the Spirit of St. Louis…Felix was loved by Felini, Queen Margaret, and Steven Segal, just to name a few.  He’s merchandised in just about every country of the world….t-shirts, hats, coats, bicycles, motorcycle helmets, dolls, etc. etc.  But one of the coolest things that has happened to our most wonderful, wonderful cat was…..


Drum roll please….tatatatatatatatatatatCRASH! He was invited to the White House by President Obama to participate in the Easter Egg Roll! We received a wonderful letter from the First Lady thanking us for being part of the festivities.  What an honor!  By the way, there were a few other…er…uh… “characters” present at the event and our fabulous feline had the longest lines all day long of fans wanting to shake his hand.  Personally speaking, I am really proud to have such a close pal as Felix.  How many other cats do you know that was invitied to hang out with the Pres??? I guess I’m acting like a proud brother, but I can’t help it….but to Felix, my humble friend, it was just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Enjoy the pictures.

All the best,

Don Oriolo